Managing and evolving your application to ensure it realises it's maximum return over the longer term.

Successful software requires management over time

The success of a software application is dependent on not only the right vision and execution, but also on effective management through its entire lifecycle.

Without the right support framework and the ability to quickly evolve in response to the changing needs of users, many applications with great potential ultimately fail to meet their objectives.

The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process is designed to address these issues. However, because successful ALM requires expertise from a broad range of IT disciplines as well as significant infrastructure, the associated complexities and implementation time places it out of reach for many companies.

The benefits of a complete ALM solution

To ensure that your investment in software is properly realised, once your first release is complete it’s important to consider the long term plan for maintenance, support, and further development. By embarking on a structured ALM plan, you achieve the following:

  • Ensures success is delivered over the longer term
  • Ensures growth of the business value over time
  • Take advantage of business opportunities and respond to threats
  • Fast bug fixes by a knowledgeable team
  • Proactive, preventative maintenance to ensure no downtime
  • Efficiency of delivery and turnaround on new requirements
  • Responsiveness – skip the queues
  • Minimise and mitigate downtime, security and performance risks
  • Ensure satisfied customers by supporting them and responding quickly
  • Spend less money than ad hoc support approaches
  • Stakeholder satisfaction

Why we do ALM better

Aptiture have developed a turnkey ALM service that combines human resources, hardware and software infrastructure as well as managed systems and processes under a single service agreement. More than an outsourced development team, Aptiture’s ALM service empowers your organisation to successfully develop, deploy, evolve, maintain and support enterprise applications.

Having managed many software applications for a number of years, we understand how to design an ALM service that meets the needs of a particular client and project, taking into consideration budget, support requirements, and flexibility.

Additionally, ensuring your software is maintainable and can be updated easily is something we design in as part of all our ALM solutions. We carefully put in place the right infrastructure, processes, knowledge sharing and resources to create this outcome.

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