Supporting and evolving your legacy application so you can fully realise your investment.

Let your investment run its course

The world of technology and software development standards, languages, frameworks and methodologies is changing at an ever increasing rate. Modern software development teams are constantly upgrading, changing and adopting new technologies. Unfortunately these forward-thinking and talented technology leaders derive their passion and stimulation from working with these bleeding edge technologies, and in turn they force product owners into never ending upgrade and rewrite cycles.

However business reality demands that the software and the investment associated with it derives a return over a longer period. In some cases, continuing to rewrite and re-architect aging software platforms is too expensive, and often unnecessary. In some cases the teams which built the software have since moved on, in other cases they are demanding too much investment.

Extending the life of older applications

The reality is that for some software applications, the technology simply needs to be supported, be capable of small changes, and be managed from a security perspective. Aptiture provides a service to cater for software in this stage of its life.

We have a team of broadly skilled software engineers that have experience in supporting and working with software that is:

  • Written in outdated or no longer popular languages
  • Uses outdated operating systems, browsers, and platforms
  • Is written in a way which is not considered best practise
  • May be considered a headache to other providers

Safely supporting and maintaining

In order to ensure we can confidently make changes to your application we typically put in place a set of tests which validate that after changes have been made, existing functionality operates as expected. Our management processes surrounding software changes give you the confidence that your application and the business that relies upon it won’t be interrupted or impaired as new changes are deployed.

In addition to this, to minimise costs and keep your mission critical application running, we have creative and intelligent methods of managing security risks, resource risks, performance risks and uptime risks that often plague legacy applications.

The entire time you have the knowledge that our team is available on call to provide your staff with prompt answers, assistance, and to resolve any unforeseen problems.

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