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Integrated systems for operational efficiency

In the modern economy companies use a broad range of technology based systems and services to deliver value to their customers. Some of these systems and services are old and dated, perhaps supported by third party suppliers, or are governed by complex change management procedures. For these reasons it can typically difficult, risky and expensive to integrate systems, or to introduce new systems into a company’s technology suite.

However every company wants to improve its operational efficiency by having these systems talk to each other without the need for human involvement or even oversight. Every company wants to keep moving forward and reap the benefits that embracing new technologies brings. Each of these objectives are warranted, but without the right expertise and management approach, they could be costly, or could ultimately fail.

The challenges of integration projects

In fact, of all of the types of IT projects, integration projects are widely known to be much more susceptible to failure. Largely, integration projects demand change and transformation by people, their processes and technology across an enterprise.

Parties, divisions and business units often have different view of the data models concerned. In particular they see a data model from their point of concern and their objectives, without consideration for other business units. Data can be transformed between different models, however there is risk of information loss or mutation, and there can be difficulties in ensuring correct propagation of changes in data.

The right approach for success

However integration projects are more than just technical builds. Whilst the best of technical skills are required to navigate the complicated world of plugging different technologies together, the most important aspects of integration projects are the people involved. Success requires cooperation, communication and coordination, and as such requires significant time and effort managing people, getting buy-in, communicating benefits and making life as easy as possible for affected parties.

Having worked through hundreds of integration projects from small to large scale, our approach has been refined and our processes improved over the last 15 years. We know how to succeed, and to make it a positive and seamless process.

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