A strong track record in innovative product development

At the forefront of technological innovation

Aptiture has been at the forefront of product development and innovation for nearly 15 years. Servicing clients predominantly in the financial services industry there have been a huge number of opportunities to innovate and disrupt traditional business models and processes, and we have helped our clients chart these exciting but choppy waters. In some cases our clients have brought us their innovative vision, and in other cases we've identified and driven opportunities for our clients to use innovation to capture market share.

The future of financial services

In June 2015 the World Economic Forum, after 15 months of research and consultation within the financial services industry, produced “The Future of Financial Service Report” which outlines some of the paradigm shifts ahead for the industry globally. The report shows the abundance of opportunity within financial services for exciting and game-changing innovation.

Innovation is in our blood

Aptiture have worked in and around these paradigm shifts and is positioned to continue to enable this change and innovation for our clients. We have already achieved significant innovations for clients over the last 15 years, including:

  • Australia’s first online financial advice platform and financial literacy community (Achieved BRW’s 12th most innovative award in 2014)
  • Australia’s first end to end online car leasing platform
  • Designing a market leading B2B Online quoting platform for Strata Insurance intermediaries
  • Point of sale shared data entry systems for insurance, allowing car dealers and their customers to fill out digital forms on separate devices together with real time updates
  • Pioneered Australia’s first phone analytics service allowing clients such as Westpac, St George, BT, MLC, Colonial, CBA, Aon to track campaign returns based upon phone calls, and geo-locate callers
  • A bespoke business intelligence platform that employs live data from multiple social media channels as part of proposition development and marketing automation
  • An international content processing and distribution network which increased organic reach for Australian financial service companies using localised search
  • Built an innovative vehicle leasing platform which provided a real time service to customers (Achieved the 2015 Telstra Business Start-up Award)

Choosing the right product development partner

Doing something different and innovating can bring great success, or disappointment and failure. Selecting partners and advisors with the right experience and capabilities are critical to the outcome. Our experience working in the field and assisting clients achieve their success gives us first hand experience and a proven track record.

Our team can provide market research, analysis, advice, prototyping, strategy and product development. Additionally the team that guides you to success is also responsible for creating your digital products, whether it be a mobile application, web application, server software or a full suite of technical assets.

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